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WHY CHOOSE US? >Authentic servicing >24*7 support >Reasonable rates >24 hours delivery >3 months additional warranty >Back up data included >verified professional >satisfaction guaranteed
Does Your Computer Require a Routine Service and Why? We often get asked if Computer's, require a routine Service and How often. The Answer is ├ŁES' Macbook's, Laptop's, iMac's or any Electronic Device that has a Cooling system in place usually assisted with a Fan to blow out the hot air does require a routine Service at least once a year, or six monthly if used 24/7. What happens if you don't perform this Service? This puts stress through overheating on the Main Board, Hard Disk Drive and other important spare parts that can also and often cause failure. If you value your data and your equipment get this done as advised above. Thanks for reading people hope this update was helpful.