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Did your Hard Drive Crash Recently? Data Recovery is another area we can help. Even when other businesses fail to recover your data due to the hard disk being physically damaged. Give us a call or drop in.
We provides state-of-the-art repair service at a nominal price for most of the common Laptop Brands such as Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba, Samsung, Sony etc. We also specialise in all forms of Hardware and Software repair of Apple Macbooks. A couple of perks of choosing them are: 1. 3-Months Warranty 2. No Diagnosis Fee 3. Free Pickup and Delivery at a time and location of your choosing 4. On-Site Service for RAM upgrade and most of the common software issues 5. Highly trained and qualified repair personnel with extensive chip-level experience They cater to all forms of repairs ranging from Broken Screen Replacement (LCD/LED/Touchscreen) to Water Damaged devices. They have extensive expertise in Chip-Level Motherboard issues (Graphics Issue, BIOS Flashing etc.) and are able to revive most of the dead laptops. They also serve Hard Disk/RAM Upgrade, OS Installation, Overheating issues, Body Damage Repair (Top, Hinge, Bezel, Power Button etc.) including most of the common software issues such as Driver Updation, OS Installation and Software Optimisation (System Tuning and Virus Removal).
Does Your Computer Require a Routine Service and Why? We often get asked if Computer's, require a routine Service and How often. The Answer is ÝES' Macbook's, Laptop's, iMac's or any Electronic Device that has a Cooling system in place usually assisted with a Fan to blow out the hot air does require a routine Service at least once a year, or six monthly if used 24/7. What happens if you don't perform this Service? This puts stress through overheating on the Main Board, Hard Disk Drive and other important spare parts that can also and often cause failure. If you value your data and your equipment get this done as advised above. Thanks for reading people hope this update was helpful.
Your MacBook or Laptop is getting slow - We make it faster with upgrade. We Upgrade Rams, Hard drive, SSD, & Service it with Smart Technicians
Who said Laptops don't need a Service? This is one area of neglect that cause break downs! Over heating causes Main Board, Hard Disk, data Loss and other issues. Is your data important to you? Bring you laptops, Macbooks, iMac's in for a regular routine service, at least six monthly. Pay Less Now and Save on Break Downs
Leading service center of iPhone, iPad, iMac, Macbook & all brands of laptop in Cox Town, Frazer Town, Richards Town, Benson Town, Cooke Town, Banaswadi, Ramamurthi Nagar, Pulikeshi Nagar, MG Road, Ulsoor Lake, Sevanagar, St. Thomas Town.
We are the hardcore service provider for Apply Laptop and Mobile in bangalore with all location.Each day, end-consumers and organizations alike rely on their MacBooks to operate powerful creativity and productivity tools, run their businesses and improve the quality of their digital experience. You could own a MacBook for personal or professional use –NOW we are coming here for the best MAC BOOK Repair services centre in bangalore.